Half Full Not Empty (HFNE) is a trusted online resource that provides information on how you can look after your wellbeing and find support. 

We have over 5,000 pieces of content created and curated by clinical psychologists and psychologists with various specialities. We give you the resources you need to proactively understand how to look after your mind.

Subject Matter – Expert Writers: 

Our writers are specifically chosen for their ability to articulate topics in an unbiased, clear and stigma- free way. 

Our writers are also chosen based on their industry knowledge, level of compassion and credibility in their fields. 

Diverse Voices

We are very committed to helping as many people as possible with their wellbeing, regardless of the demographics. 

We are invested in ensuring our writers, editors, illustrators and videographers are a reflection of as much of society as possible. To uphold our promise of diversity and inclusion.

Editorial Team 

Every piece of content has been vetted by a highly skilled editorial team who are committed to delivering relatable, inclusive and stigma-free content. 

Our Articles are written by psychologists and then reviewed for accuracy by a member of our review team.

Fact Check

Content integrity is important to us. We rely on our skilled fact-checkers to ensure the information we put into our content is reputable and accurate. 

We rely on reputable and credible references only and are advocates for using primary research where necessary.

How we make money 

we accept advertisements on our site in order to help us maintain the resources needed to create the quality content you deserve. 

We also sell content which has a high cost of production but offers immense value to the end-user in order to recoup expenses and continue creating new content.

We maintain a distinct separation between editorial and advertising content.

Our advertising partners will never have an impact on the content of our articles.

How to contact us

You can reach us via email at Hello@halffullnotempty.co.uk

You can also contact us via post at 27 Old Gloucester Road London WC1N 3AX